Aftron 32” Flat Screen Hd LED Passed UK/Dubai Standard



Product details

The Aftron Normal TV Comes with 1 year warranty
From The Majid Al-fttaim Corporation these HD LED tvs  the passed the united kingdoms Electronics standard to beat the worlds best. It has a one year free guarantee and this makes it the markets greatest competitor as per January 2020. They are normal TVs that have been tested and proven by the United Arab Emirates Military standards.
Enjoy the Creative Life with the Afton TV. Capture every detail with a HD resolution and a LED display that offers a saturated, high contrast picture playback for more realistic entertainment. Connect a USB stick and record your favourite programs and movies to watch later at your convenience. Built-in HDMI, USB and VGA ports allow you to build an entertainment hub by connecting a gaming console, media players or even your laptop to enjoy your computing experience on the big screen.LED Technology LED technology is what is among the best technologies currently on the market.In addition to using the latest technology to screen material, Aftron TV offers a quality/price ratio unbeatable by TVs competing for brands in the same category. Aftron TVs have the best TV aspect ratio, adjustable contrast and brightness features to complement picture quality when watching movies.Follow Your Matches in the best ways, you will not only watch the sport at your convenience but also in the best way possible. Improve the image and sound to your advantage, watch every moment with stunning clarity. The sound quality in your living room is identical to the electric atmosphere in the stadium.
Experience a whole new level of entertainment on the Aftron 32 Inch HD TV. See your favourite films and music come to life with our new, exquisite design. The cutting edge 32-inch display enables you to watch content in full high definition and the integrated speakers allow you to hear every little detail in whatever you choose to watch or listen to. Enjoy simple and intuitive TV the way it was intended, buy the Aftron 32 Inch  HD TV online from Dreamall at the best price in Uganda .



  • Display size: 32 inch
  • Aftron Normal TV
  • HD LED Television
  • HDMI Input
  • Slim Bezel Design
  • 3DComb Filter
  • Programmable Sleep Timer
  • Full Functioning Remote Control


  • Tv Stands
  • Slim Bezel Design Tv


  • Color: Black
  • Main Material: steel, glass, silica sand, iron ore, gold, bauxite, aluminum.
  • Model: AF LED 3295 A
  • Product Line: Crystal Clear piece
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 32 inch
  • Weight (kg): 4