Generic Cradle Baby Bassinet – Blue


Cradle Baby Bassinet – Blue cute bassinet can also be placed right next to your bed and your baby is right by your side during the night. The cradle is designed to give you secure supervision of your baby while sleeping safely and peacefully.
Cradle is perfect in the early months when your newborn alternates between short periods of sleep and wakefulness. The compact and light cradle is easy to move from room to room so that you can always keep your baby close; both day and night.
The sides of the cradle are made of airy and soft mesh fabric that the baby can breathe through, even if the baby’s face is very close to the side. You do not need to buy a crib bumper for the cradle because its sides are made entirely of fabric – there are no bars or loose parts to trap tiny hands or feet.
Provides your baby with a soft, comfortable, and safe place to sleep anywhere: at home, on vacation, or visiting family
Detachable mesh canopy keeps harmful bugs and mosquitoes away and promotes air circulation
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