Generic Mini Portable Rechargeable Ice Crusher & Meat Chop Blender – Pink


Mini Portable Rechargeable ice crusher & Meat Chop Blender

Portable rechargeable juice extractor is a USB reachable mini blender convenient for office and movement. Make your juice anywhere any time and t makes you drink from the same bottle. The best gift you can give a friend and you yourself

Before use, please put some pure water into the cup, and turn it on to wash the cup.
Cut the fruit into 1.5cm*1.5cm particles, put the fruit particles into the cup and then pour into some milk or water. Put this machine upside down and turn it on. As soon as the stir core begins to work, turn the machine back, and start to make juice.
When the fruit particles are too big to stir, please restart the machine, and you can also shake the machine when it’s stirring which will make the juice finer.
Before making another taste of juice, please wash the cup first. Just put some pure water into the cup, and turn it on to wash the cup.

  • Juice cup
  • Small cyclone
  • Portable electric
  • Acts like a cup

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  • Updated Version]Portable Personal Blender, Six Blades in 3D for Superb Mixing.
  • Safety]Made of eco-friendly & food-grade non-toxic PP & ABS material, BAP Free.
  • Multi-function]The juice blender can make juice,milkshake,smoothie and mix many kinds of fruit and vegetable.
  • Portable]Built in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, can be charged by power bank,cell phone or other USB devices.
  • Magnetic Sensing Switch] Ultra safe to use and clean. No spinning once opened for cleaning.